City of Roanoke
Council-Appointed Bodies By Name

The following authorities, boards, commissions and committees are appointed in whole or in part by Roanoke City Council. For additional information or vacancies on these groups, please contact the Office of the City Clerk at (540) 853-2541.

Architectural Review BoardBOARD
Blue Ridge Behavioral Healthcare, Board of DirectorsBOARD
Board of Trustees, City of Roanoke Pension PlanBOARD
Board of Zoning AppealsBOARD
Building and Fire Code Board of AppealsBOARD
City of Roanoke Redevelopment and Housing Authority, Board of CommisAUTHORITY
City Planning CommissionCOMMISSION
Economic Development Authority of the City of RoanokeAUTHORITY
Fair Housing BoardBOARD
Greater Roanoke Transit Company Board of DirectorsBOARD
Hotel Roanoke Conference Center CommissionCOMMISSION
Human Services Advisory BoardBOARD
Local Office on Aging Advisory Board (City Rep)BOARD
Mill Mountain Advisory BoardBOARD
Parks and Recreation Advisory BoardBOARD
Personnel and Employment Practices CommissionCOMMISSION
Roanoke Arts CommissionCOMMISSION
Roanoke City School BoardBOARD
Roanoke Civic Center CommissionCOMMISSION
Roanoke Neighborhood AdvocatesCOMMITTEE
Roanoke Public Library BoardBOARD
Roanoke Regional Airport Commission (City Rep)COMMISSION
Roanoke Valley-Alleghany Regional Commission (City Rep)COMMISSION
Roanoke Valley-Alleghany Regional Comprehensive Economic DevelopmentCOMMITTEE
Roanoke Valley Greenway Commission (City Rep)COMMISSION
Roanoke Valley Regional Cable Television Committee (City Rep)COMMITTEE
Roanoke Valley Resource Authority Board (City Rep)BOARD
Roanoke Valley Transportation Planning Organization, formerly
Towing Advisory BoardBOARD
Virginia Western Community College Local Advisory Board (City Rep)BOARD
Visit Virginia's Blue Ridge, Board of Directors (City Rep) formerly BOARD
Western Virginia Water Authority, Board of Directors (City Rep) (ReoBOARD
Youth Services Citizen Board (Reconstituted November 3, 2014)BOARD