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Administrative Collection Fee
Admissions Tax Penalty and Interest
Advertising Fee for Altering or Vacating Streets or Alleys
Alcohol Permit
Asbestos Removal
Athletic Programs
Best Seller Book Rental
Board of Zoning Appeals-Administrator's Decision
Board of Zoning Appeals-Special Exceptions
Board of Zoning Appeals - Variance
Boot Removal Fee
Breckinridge Fitness Center
Building Inspections Division Permit Fees
Campbell Garage
Car Storage
Car Towing
Center in the Square Garage
Church Avenue Garage
City Code and Supplements
Comprehensive Development Plan Review
Concealed Weapons Permit
Conservator of the Peace
Consumer Utility Tax Penalty
Cost of Abatement and Administrative Fee on Abatement of Public Nuisances
Court Fees
Court Fees
Court Fees
Court Fees
Court Fees
Court Fees
Courtroom Security Assessment
Damaged or Lost Library Materials
Decal Transfers and Decal Replacement
Disposal of Inoperative Vehicles
Dog License Fees
DUI and Other Traffic Incidents
Elmwood Lot
Elmwood Park and Amphitheater Rental Fees
Elmwood Park Garage
Emergency Medical Service Fees
Emergency Medical Standby Services
Erosion and Sediment Control Plan Review
Explosives Permit
Facility Rentals
Facsimile Fee
Fees for Use of Roanoke City Market Spaces (formerly Farmers' Market Curbage Rentals)
Fire Alarm System Permit Fee
Fire Engine Standby Fee
Fire Incident Reports
Fire Safety Inspections
Fireworks and Bonfire Permits
Fireworks Retail Sales Permit
Flood Plain Determination
Fumigation/Fogging Permit
Gainsboro Garage
Gold Permit
Higher Ed Center Lot
Housing Inmates for Other Jurisdictions
Inspection Fees
Interest and Penalties on Delinquent Business Licenses
Interest and Penalties on Personal Property Taxes
Interest and Penalties on Real Estate Taxes
Interest on Judgements
Jackson Fitness Center
Jail Processing Fee
Library Community Room Rental
License Plate, Tag or Decal Violation Fee
Lucy Addison Fitness Center
Main Library Reading Porch Rental
Manufactured Homes and Modular Buildings
Map Fees
Market Garage
Market Lot
Microfiche Copy of Landbook
Mobile Library Service to Craig County
Moped Registration
Motor Vehicle Decal
National Guard Armory
On-Street Parking Meters
Other Miscellaneous Programs
Outdoor Dining Permits
Overdue Fines
Parking Ticket Fines
Parking, Stopping or Standing in a Fire Lane
Penalty & Interest on Unpaid Nuisance Abate/Demolition
Photocopy Fee
Prepared Food and Beverage Tax Penalty
Prisoner Care Fee
Public Vehicle Drivers License
Public Vehicles (Taxicabs and For Hire Vehicles)
Real Estate Affidavit and List of Heirs Fee
Recreation Center Programs
Refuse Collection Fee
Removal of Solid Waste on City Right-Of-Way
Rental Inspection Fee
Rental of Miscellaneous Items from Parks & Recreation
Residential Parking Permit Program
Rezoning Application
Right of Way Excavation Permits (formerly Street Opening Permits)
Roanoke Police Academy
Sale of Impounded Vehicles
Second Trash Container Fee
Security Alarm System Permit Fee
Service Fees for Circuit Court
Setoff Debt Collection Fee
Sign Permits
Solid Waste Collection Fee
Special Purpose Land Use Filing Fee
Stormwater Management Plan Review
Stormwater Utility Fee
Street and Alley Closure Review
Subdivision Plat Vacation Review
Subdivision Review
System False Alarms
System False Alarms
S.P.C.A. Fees
Temporary Certificate of Occupancy Renewal
Tent and Membrane Structures
Tower Garage
Transcript Fee
Transfer of a Business License
Transient Occupancy Tax Penalty and Interest
Vehicle Registration Withholding Program Fee
Verification Reports
Victory Stadium Parking Lot
Warehouse Row Lot
Wide Load Escorts
Williamson Lot
Woodrow Wilson Middle School Fitness Center
Zoning Permit
Zoning Verification Application